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"On Sunday, 1st May 1994 Ayrton Senna was leading the San Marino Grand Prix when suddenly his car veered inexplicably off the track at Tamburello bend. His Williams - Renault crossed over both the grass and concrete run-off strips before finally impacting the concrete wall. It is known for certain that, on impact, a piece of the Williams' front suspension broke off and flew like a bullet to Senna's forehead, striking and piercing his helmet. The greatest racing driver the world had ever seen would be declared dead just over four hours later. This book is about his life, his victories and his loves. It is the first proper story of a man the world revered and whose like will never be seen again."

- Tom Rubython - 'The Life of Senna'



-The Most Anticipated Racing Book of 2004 -

The Life of Senna

by Tom Rubython

Foreward by Gerhard Berger - Photographed by Keith Sutton

For several years now, we've heard rumors of the immanent release of the definitive biography of the late, great Ayrton Senna. Whispers of lawsuits and canceled print runs - even bootlegged copies - would surface and be discounted. One of our best book suppliers assured us late last year that the project was well and truly dead. We began to believe that a manuscript never existed. Until now.

'The Life of Senna' exists, and is now in stock at The Motorsport Collector.

We read a copy of the Pre-Publication Proof Edition of 'The Life of Senna' and can say with confidence that this 600 page epic is all that we hoped it would be. Sixty pages of Keith Sutton photographs illustrate the most comprehensive racing biography we have ever seen. Along with the story of Senna's early life and complete racing career, Rubython provides an in-depth examination of the accident that took his life and the investigations and trials that followed. He also explores the consequences the sport has had to endure since Imola 1994.

'The Life of Senna' also provides extensive statistics, from go karts to Grand Prix, of Senna's monumental career and the cars he drove to Championships. Whether or not you were a Senna fan in the day - or if you have come to the sport since 1994 - this is a must have book for your collection.









by Craig Warwick

Officially licensed by the Ayrton Senna Foundation

Limited Edition (295) Giclee Print. Overall Size: 12.5" x 26"

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