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The 1950s and 1960s are known as an era that witnessed a boom of race car transporters, which are being re-discovered today and held in a high regard. The two similar-looking transporters of the Scuderia Ferrari and Maserati might well be the most famous and technically most mature transporters of those days.

They were mounted on Fiat-bus chassis of the type 642 RN2. With an open body work designed by Bartoletti, the resultant transporter was good for hauling three race cars.

At first sight, those two transporters, equipped with a 92 hp diesel in-line-engine, look alike except for paintwork and decals. But upon a closer look, they differ in a considerable number of details. Back in those days, it took a transporter to haul race cars to the race track from time to time.

But transporters were not limited to hauling a precious freight only. They had quite a few other functions, too. In each of the transporters, a small but complete inspection bay was set up. It was also used as the crew quarters. This was where the head-quarters were located, in addition to providing a crew space and a sleeping berth during the hectic race weekends. Many crew members spent the majority of their time working in and around those race car transporters. It virtually became a second home for them.

It started as an enormous challenge and task. This Ferrari race car transporter replica is assembled from 3,115 single parts and measures approximately 19 3/4 inches long.

It is a true piece of art in model building, which testifies to the extraordinary abilities of CMC. A dream model like this is going to provide a new benchmark!

ffScroll down for additional photos showing the extraordinary quality and detail engineered into this model.


Front axle with metal compound leaf-springs.


Perfectly-replicated drive chain, which is embedded in a ladder frame of metal.


Behind the removable cover is a flanged towing hitch.


The ramps can be shelved sidewise and held in place with toggle screws.



Pivoting sun visors made of colored plastic.


True to the original.

The authentic dashboard, complete with all instruments and control elements.



 Highly-detailed 6-cylinder diesel in-line engine, complete with all aggregates and a hinged engine cover.


The highly detailed and functional auto hoist can be moved up and down manually.

The rails are made of authentic checker-pattern metal plate.


Covers of the fuel filler neck and step can open and close.


Removable spare wheel-bracket with a functional spring clip-lock.



The tailgate is equiped with a functional bar-slide locking mechanism.


Inspection bay with built-in racks for spare parts.


Functional storage drawer.

It is designed to stow away the six stop-blocks for holding race cars in place.

Perfectly designed rope mechanics with wheels and pulleys.


Finely-hinged flaps that enable access to the storage space and battery.


Comforatble driver cabin.

The front and the back seats are covered in real leather.


Distinctive radiator grill made with individually-mounted bars of polished metal.

Hinged front panel with the FIAT logo, which enables access to the cooler inlet filler neck with a cap that can be opened.



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